Now is the Perfect time to make your dream happen.

In the wake of the Coronavirus, millions of people are losing their jobs and being forced to stay home in order to stop the spread of this potentially deadly virus. This may seem like a curse, but in fact it is a blessing! You have so much time to focus on yourself right now. Sure doors are closing, but new doors are opening. This self-isolation won't last forever so I beg you use this time to build a new life and a new you! Whatever that dream is that you "never had time for"...



  • Set a schedule that includes waking up early. Don't sleep in.

  • Exercise for 1 hour first thing in the morning. Listen to The Perfect Me Program while you do.

  • After working out. Do one assignment from The Perfect Me Program to develop your game plan.

  • After that, get started! Turn off Netflix. Get off social media. And focus on YOU. Just YOU.

Why The Perfect Me Program?

The Perfect Me Program is a motivational audio program that will give you a daily dose of all the right thoughts you need in order to tune out all the BS and focus on how to turn this precious alone time you have into solid gold. 


The Perfect Me Program works by planting the thoughts and habits that successful winners have into your brain. Over time, their thoughts become your thoughts. Soon you will instinctively think and behave in a way that allows you to be as effective as they are.


We provide you with the necessary materials to develop these successful skill sets in two core components:

  • The 36 Essential Habits

    These habits  have been identified as the most important to success.

  • 4-6 Week Course

    Totally transform your destiny by completing a course that allows you to create a new version of yourself.

  • Musical


    Our cutting edge audio training replaces old thoughts with powerful ones.

  • 1-on-1 Training

    Prefer to have someone there to push you? No problem. We offer a complete package with a your own private coach.

A Three-Step Plan That Works.

The Perfect Me Program is exactly what you need to keep your mind right during these crazy times. Replace fear, worry, loneliness and even boredom with courage, passion, excitement and all the thoughts you need to have in order to turn this current situation into an opportunity. When this is over, a new powerful you can emerge. Now is the time to shine!


Did you know that when you exercise your brain goes into a zone? That zone is the perfect time to plant healthy, positive thoughts into your mind. We're going to plant the best thoughts possible.


Make this your morning routine and watch how amazing you will feel and look! 30 days of starting your day like this will produce a you that will look better and be better in every way you can imagine!


So many people that are upset about losing their job even though they hated their job! Sometimes life will close a door for you that you were to scared to close for yourself! This is that time!


No matter what your life has been so far, you have an amazing opportunity to write an entirely new life story right now. Write a new story to be excited about! Make this new story one that you'll actually love so that when this is all over you are truly happy!


Let me be crystal clear. You may never get a chance to invest this much time into yourself ever again. Do not waste this time sleeping, watching TV, sleeping or mindlessly scrolling through social media!


Wake up every day with a purpose. Invest every possible moment into the bank of YOU. The world you knew will not be the same one you knew before this began. And if you really want an amazing life, you better not be either.

Our Press is Growing Fast.

The Perfect Me Program is quickly being recognized around the world as the best way to transform your mind and your life as a whole. Unlike any other book, online course or seminar, The Perfect Me Program focuses on transforming you as a person, including your thoughts, actions, beliefs and habits, thereby creating a new, more successful version of you. Don't listen to us, read what journalists who have tried and tested the program have to say:

Choose Your Plan.

The Perfect Me Program is priced to make it affordable for anyone. We believe in your dream and want you to succeed. We guarantee this will be the best money you'll ever invest in yourself. If you don't absolutely love it you have nothing to lose because each plan comes with our  60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Audio Only


If you only want the powerful, habit changing audio file to listen to daily choose this plan. This option is best for those who already have a near perfect life plan and just need the develop the habits needed to see it through to fruition.

36 Habits Audio File

5 Power Quote Audio Files

Email Support

Audio & Course


This plan contains both the habit changing audio and a complete 4-6 week course designed to help you create a new destiny and become the character you need to be to make it a reality. This option is best for those who need help clarifying the life they really want to be living.

36 Habits Audio File

5 Power Quote Audio Files

36 Habits Coursework

Email Support




We trust our formula so much that we offer our customers an unconditional full refund of 60 days. Why do we offer this? Well, over 20 years of research, hard work and development has gone into making The Perfect Me Program. We believe in the science and we know that it is a highly effective tool that will transform your life, shape your world view and have you thinking like the top 1%. So, what are you waiting for?

Adrian Bailey

President and Creator


Testimonials are coming in and they are out of this world. Here a just a few...

Troy Bolden

CEO / Renaissance Technologies

This should be mandatory training in school!

“The first few days were ok, but once I got into the second week I was on fire! My motivation was through the roof! I listen during my workouts and it really awakens my creativity and plants the thoughts I need to keep me on track. 

The habits that I developed while using this program are exactly the ones I wish I had been taught at an early age. I have already started playing the audio at home and my kids are absorbing the thoughts like little sponges. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE!

Owner / Kids Acting Workshop

A must have in your self-improvement library.

I was one of the first people who tried the program. I can only say that it is genius. Our mindset is everything and this program is such a great way to keep your mind at high level of awareness.


You can use it while you workout or drive your car or even cook your dinner, which makes it more convenient than a book, live event or even personal coach. Our mind is like a muscle and we need to train it all the time in order to be happy, successful and fulfilled. The Perfect Me Program serves that need 100%!

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